Often dubbed the amenity war, hotels are constantly trying to one-up each other, and a major focus of marketing for many hotel chains in recent years has been bedding. For many consumers hotel bedding is seen as the gold standard for luxury, comfort, and style.

It wasn't long after this that department stores began to see the opportunity for hotel-to-home bedding collections. Stores pounced on the idea, but in reality, what hotels use is quite different from the hotel-to-home collections that department stores and catalogs have. Most stores will classify a higher thread count-somewhere from 400 to 500–as being hotel quality while many hotels actually use a 230 to 300-thread-count cotton or poly/cotton fabric with lightweight filling vs. the high thread-count filling used at stores.

So while shopping, keep in mind that there are some unique characteristics to hotel bedding. Here are a few as they relate specifically to hotel comforters.

What comforters do hotels use?

Hotels generally like to use a light to medium-weight blanket or comforter. This blanket or comforter is often made using a 230-thread-count cambric cotton fabric. Most hotels use polyester instead of down bedding. In some cases they use down-alternative fillings which act very much like a down filling. Hotels use a lighter-weight product because most of their beds feature layers which the guest can turn down as needed vs. an all-in-one warmth level.

Hotel comforter sizes

Hotel comforters are designed with a standard size in mind. In fact, about 95% of hotels use the same size bedding. Blanket and comforter sizes typically used at hotels include:

  • Twin – 66″ x 86″
  • Twin XL – 66″ x 90″
  • Full/Double – 82″ x 90″
  • Queen – 90″ x 90″
  • King – 104″ x 90″

Hotels need to maintain consistency in their bed sizing, so sheets, blankets, duvets, comforters, and blankets all mesh on the bed.

What is so unique about hotel comforters?

Here we find a little bit of everything ranging from “You're on vacation so everything is better!” to “I'm just here on business. Yep, seems different from home.” Somewhere in between is reality. The blend of newness and luxury is great. Consumers are creatures of habit, so they tend to cling a little too tightly for far too long to their dirt-stained pillows. When they travel and enjoy different styles of bedding, then they start to think this is something they need at home.

The unique characteristics of hotel comforters include:

  • Loops – woven fabric loops which work in tandem with duvet ties. Loops and ties are used to keep the comforter from sliding around in the duvet as well as making linen changes easier for the housekeeping staff.
  • Durable fabric – The fabric has to be durable to survive the rigorous cleaning process used by hotels–from cleaning agents to extreme G-Force drying machines.
  • Hidden pockets – hotel duvet covers typically feature hidden pockets that the housekeeping staff can use to help in the process of making the beds.

So depending on your needs and wants, the bedding in your home can feature some of these same unique characteristics as those seen in hotels. Vacations are great, but why not have all the luxurious amenities of a hotel in your very own home?