Add some colour, depth, elegance and charm to your residence applying 1 or far more of these well known faux painting procedures.

*Combing – Combing can give your walls a quite dramatic appear. 1st step is to paint your walls your base colour and let dry totally – overnight is greatest. Subsequent, mix your texture colour with finishing glaze. Now when you start off rolling on your subsequent colour, be positive and go from ceiling to floor for about 3 feet. Subsequent, you take a dry comb or a wallpaper brush and drag it from ceiling to floor in 1 continuous motion. Wipe off your comb and repeat.

Straight lines are just 1 of your selections with the combing approach. You can do a basket weave appear, develop a plaid pattern or use your imagination and come up with your personal one of a kind design and style!

*Sponging – Sponging is a quite effortless and entertaining approach that provides a area a quite textured appear. You 1st want to select your base colour. This can be any colour of your option. Prepare the walls and apply the base paint. Be positive and fill in nail holes or other imperfections for a smooth finish. Let dry overnight.

Immediately after the base coat is dry, you are prepared to start sponging. You can sponge 1, 2 or far more colors. It is up to you. Be positive you have an actual sea sponge, not a synthetic sponge. Often preserve your sponge damp for smooth application.

Mix the paint with a finishing glaze. Dip the sponge in the paint but do not “more than dip”. Eliminate excess paint. Start out in the corner and perform your way out. Lightly dab the sponge in a random pattern. Do little regions at a time so the paint does not dry exactly where you are functioning. Be inventive with your colour combinations and your dabbing patterns. Make these walls come alive!

*Ragging – Ragging is related to sponging and can make a quite soft, romantic appear. Attempt your rag in numerous distinctive positions to get the preferred impact. Paint the wall with your base colour and let dry overnight. Mix your texture colour with a glaze finish to soften. Soak your rag in the glaze mixture and blot off the excess. Start out dabbing the rag on the wall in numerous patterns. Add far more paint to the rag when it becomes dry.

You can make a soft impact with significantly less paint or you can use far more paint to develop a dramatic impact. You can experiment with other components as nicely to get a distinctive impact – paper bags, plastic bags, canvas, and so forth.

*Crackling – This painting approach produces a distressed, aged appear. Paint your wall with the selected base colour. Hold in thoughts that this colour will show by means of your “crackle” cracks. Let dry overnight. Cover your walls with a crackle faux finish. Let dry till there is no tackiness. This will take about four hours. Now you will need to have to apply a second coat becoming cautious not to overlap your brush strokes. In a handful of minutes the paint will start off to crackle exposing your base colour underneath.

For fine cracks use a thinner topcoat and for heavier crackling use a thicker topcoat. This approach is good for furnishings as nicely.

*Colour Washing – Colour washing can give a area a smooth, flowing, graceful appear. Paint your walls your base colour and let dry overnight. Mix your second colour with a faux finish glaze. Start out painting with brief, overlapped strokes. The far more varied and random, the much better. Let dry. If you have selected a third colour, repeat the method.

Faux Painting Suggestions

Practice on some scrap boards or cardboard just before you attempt it on your walls. This will give you some practice and enable you to get comfy with the approach.

Often have sufficient supplies on hand and be positive to have every thing you need to have to do the job.

Tape your baseboards, windows, and so forth. with painter's tape to avoid accidents.

Take your time and be positive to choose out the ideal colors. You would not want to alter your thoughts in the middle of the job and have to start off all more than.

Most of all loosen up and have entertaining. You will appreciate the appear these painting procedures can give your residence and be proud that you did it your self!